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Welcome to Langhorne Athletic Association's Baseball Home Page.  For any questions, please send us an email at kmcgerry@langhorneaa.org.


During the registration process you may be given the option to choose from multiple divisions/programs to register your child.  We simply recommend exercising your best judgment on which division would be appropriate for your child based on their skill level.

ProgramAge GroupOverview
Quickball (Coed)4-5 yearsQuickball is a form of beginner level baseball that is different than tee ball. It brings a faster pace to keep the younger children engaged, while also providing a method for the youngsters to easily learn the basics of baseball through a rotation of drills. At this level all necessary equipment is supplied by LAA. This is the only level at LAA which is coed. The Quickball program typically meets 2 weeknights per week. For more detailed information, you can visit www.usaquickball.com.
Coach Pitch5-6 yearsThe very beginning stages of learning organized baseball. The focus is on teaching fundamentals and incorporating the rules of game play. Typically involves one game/practice during the week, plus an additional game on the weekend. This age group uses a tee ball and is a "coach pitch" format. This is the first level that equipment such as helmet, glove, bat, etc. start to get used.
Rookies7-8 yearsStarts as “coach pitch” with the goal of transitioning to kid pitch during the season. The focus is on advanced fundamentals with modified baseball rules. Typically involves one game/practice during the week, plus an additional game on the weekend. Standard baseball equipment needed.
Minors9-10 yearsKids pitch only. Higher level of competitiveness, applying the lessons learned from prior years. Games are 6 innings or a max of 90 minutes. Cal Ripken league rules are applied with modified stealing added. Typically involves one game/practice during the week, plus an additional game on the weekend.
Majors11-12 yearsSame format is applied as in the Minors, but advanced Cal Ripken league rules are applied. Examples include stealing, balks, etc.


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Age GroupEligible BirthdatesCoachEmail
7UBorn on or after 5/1/2015 and before 4/30/2016 (or younger)Chuck Goodnow and Matt Jonescdgoodnow@gmail.com and umpjones5858@hotmail.com
8UBorn on or after 5/1/2014 and before 4/30/2015Mike Czyzewski and Andrew Champimike.czyzewski@yahoo.com and andrew.champi@gmail.com
9UBorn on or after 5/1/2013 and before 4/30/2014Kevin Rileykevinriley1979@gmail.com
10UBorn on or after 5/1/2012 and before 4/30/2013Jon Craigcoachjoncraig@gmail.com
11UBorn on or after 5/1/2011 and before 4/30/2012Bill Davis and Joe Mormellobilldavis17@gmail.com and jmormello@bctwc.com
12UBorn on or after 5/1/2010 and before 4/30/2011Jon Krippeljkrip1310@gmail.com
13UBorn on or after 5/1/2009Jeff Ruggjrugg12@gmail.com

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