**Only LAA provided basketballs are allowed in the gym during games.  No outside basketballs will be allowed in the gym during games!

  • Game Start Time: Games must start on the hour and should end after 50 minutes.
  • Time Periods: Games are four (4) ten (10) minute quarters running time. Halftime will be timed for two (2) minutes.
  • Substitutions: All divisions will substitute every 5 mins.
    • Substitutions only allowed during the 5 marks with exception to injuries.
  • Stopping of the Clock: The clock will be stopped for time-outs. Clock stops on all whistles for the last four (4) minutes of the game.
  • Overtime: Overtime periods will be four (4) minutes in length running time except for foul shots in which the clock will stop.
    1. There will be  a maximum of 1 overtime period.
    2. Players must substitute after 2 minutes of the overtime period.
      • During regular season games, if the game  is still tied after the overtime period, the game will end in a tie.
      • If this occurs during a playoff game, additional overtimes will continue until a  winner is determined.
  • Calling Timeouts:  Each team can call a timeout from the bench.
    1. A total of three (3) time-outs per team and NO MORE than TWO (2)  time outs in any half. Each time out will be no longer than sixty (60) seconds in length.


**MINIMUM & MAXIMUM playing times are listed below and are based on the number of team players present for the  games. 

  • 10 Active Players. Minimum 20 minutes (4 shifts). Maximum 20 minutes (4 shifts).
  • 9 Active Players. Minimum 20 minutes (4 shifts). Maximum 25 minutes (5 shifts).
  • 8 Active Players. Minimum 20 minutes (4 shifts). Maximum 25 minutes (5 shifts).
  • 7 Active Players. Minimum 20 minutes (4 shifts). Maximum 30 minutes (6 shifts).
  • 6 Active Players. Minimum 20 minutes (4 shifts). Maximum 35 minutes (7 shifts).
  • 5 Active Players. Minimum 20 minutes (4 shifts). Maximum 40 minutes (8 shifts).
  • Arrival Time: 
    1. Players arriving late, but before the second quarter begins, must abide by the 20 min. MINIMUM play rule.
    2. If the player arrives after the  start of the second quarter, he must play a MINIMUM of 10 mins. the rest of the game.
      • Coaches are urged to provide even and fair playing  time for all players.
  • Forfeit:
    • A team will forfeit a game if they have less than five (5) players by the start of the 2nd quarter.
      • The game can still be played but  the forfeit will be recorded regardless of the final score or if additional players eventually show up.
      • The team that fielded the proper number  of players should play a full field of five (5) players against the less numbered players on the opposing team. This prevents reduced playing  time for the players that did show up on time for the scheduled game.
  • Defenses  
    • Grades 3-4: 
      • No press anytime. Man to man defense with feet inside 3 point arc. NO double teaming. Defensive players do not have to go  out into the far corners of the frontcourt to play man to man. They can stay in the proximity of the assigned offensive player but they don’t  have to be drawn out beyond five (5) feet of the perimeter while defending, thus staying in the real action of play. This prevents the offense  from unfairly exploiting the man on man defense by drawing four (4) defenders well out of the action and repeatedly isolating their star ball  handler against one defender and scoring all the points. Teams can play defense outside the 3 point arc during the last 2 mins. of the game  to prevent teams from running out the game clock.
    • Grades 5-6: 
      • No full court press except in the last 2 mins. of the game. Team decides what defense they want to use and when to use it. Ball must be allowed to cross half court. No double teaming except in the paint.
    • Grades 7-12: 
      • Each team can decide what defense they want to use and if and when they want to use a full court press. 10.
  • Fouls:
    • Each player is allowed 5 personal fouls. Once the 5th foul occurs, the player must leave the game.
    • Each team will be allowed 10  team fouls.
      • Players in Grades 3-12 will shoot 2 shots at 10 team fouls.
    • Team fouls reset at the half. Personal fouls carry through until the end.
      • Team fouls from the 2nd half carryover to overtime.
  • Three Point Shots: 3-point shots will be counted for grades 5-12 only.
  • Foul Line:  Foul line is fifteen (15) feet EXCEPT for grade 3-4 use the closer line.
  • Stealing: No stealing off the dribble for Grades 3-4
  • Score and Time Keeping: 
    1. Home team provides the bookkeeper and the visiting team provides the timekeeper/ scoreboard.
    2. All scores  will be determined by the official bookkeeper unless out voted by a majority of the referee and the scorekeeper.
    3. The winning team must  upload results into TeamSnap no later than 48 hours post game.
  • Technical Fouls: Any PLAYER, COACH or PARENT that receives a technical foul during a game will be suspended immediately from play  for the remainder of the game and will be suspended for the entire portion of the next scheduled game.
    1. If a PLAYER, COACH or PARENT receives a 2nd technical foul in any subsequent game, they will be removed from the league for the remainder of the season.

**If a situation occurs during a game that is not cover by these rules, please refer to National Federation of State High School Association 


**Only LAA provided basketballs are allowed in the gym during games.  No outside basketballs will be allowed in the gym during games!

  • Junior (Age 5-6). Size 5 (27.5")
  • Ballers (Age 7-8). Size 5 (27.5")
  • Rookies (Grades 3-4). Size 6 (28.5")
  • Starters (Grades 5-6). Size 6 (28.5")
  • All Stars (Grades 7-8). Size 7 (29.5")
  • Jr Varsity (Grades 9-10). Size 7 (29.5")
  • Varsity (Grades 9-10). Size 7 (29.5")