Basketball Resources


The Jr. NBA has developed a new, turnkey instructional curriculum designed to better the youth basketball experience for players, parents, and coaches.

The curriculum features four levels – 7-8 year old segment, 9-11 year old segment, 12-14 year old segment, and 15+ years old segment – that provide proper instruction to youth players at every level of skill development.

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LAA practices and plays games at Maple Point Middle School and Pearl Buck Elementary School. The following days games and practices will not be held:

  • November: 11/23, 11/24
  • December: 12/22 - 12/31
  • January: 1/1 - 1/2, 1/6 - 1/7
  • February: 2/19, 2/24 - 2/25




Basketball like most youth sports is available all year round, LAA offers summer and winter programs, additionally we partner with a number of organizations that offer camps for various skill levels.

Neshaminy Academy of Basketball

The Neshaminy Academy of Basketball is designed specifically for students who live in Neshaminy School District, run by Neshaminy employees and coaches.  This gives families one centralized place to learn the game, gain valuable lessons on what it takes to be a great teammate, and learn from the coaches who will directly impact their high school careers.

Rising Stock Basketball Academy

The Rising Stock staff (current and former high school and college coaches and players) works hard to make sure that our players get as many perfect reps as possible during the drill work. Games and competitions will be structured and instructional. Each session will begin with individual skill work and progress into structured and organized games. The basketball skills of shooting, passing and catching, dribbling with a purpose, defense, ball toughness, offensive and defensive footwork, and team play will be incorporated and developed in our 3 v 3 games.

Wright Basketball Camps

Receive enthusiastic instruction from Coach Derek Wright, who has over 25 years experience directing basketball camps. Coach Wright believes in instruction that is 'age & stage' appropriate, purposeful, and fun!

Attend our Day Camps and be exposed to the most experienced collection of basketball staff in the area, interact with the biggest names in basketball from college & the NBA, and participate in our “offensive progression” concepts that are drilled each day in creative ways and taught in a manner to campers that allow them to be able to practice on their own!
Attend one of our specialized Clinics and receive highly organized and creative instruction that emphasizes the fundamentals of ball handling, shooting, and team play!